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It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a specific product, offering a service or organizing a media event – advertising is the basis of success. In 5 Żywiołów we believe in the power of advertisement and in efficiently reaching the audience.
That is why we offer a comprehensive service within that area. The below elements can be perused individually or as a full package:

  • Production and realization of an ad;
  • Coming up with catchy slogans; conceptualization of an ad;
  • Extras recruitment and coordination;
  • An access to a wide database of locations;
  • Prop and costumes rental, as well as creation on demand;
  • Access to a recording studio and professional equipment.


The magic of cinema is fascination and every occasion to practice it is something wonderful to us. We have experience in making music videos; we hired extras for documentary productions; we wrote screenplays for interactive movies that accompanied all kinds of social events. Below you can read about our modular offer – you can choose any of the individual elements, as well as a more comprehensive service:

  • Comprehensive realization of short film forms: reports, ads, animations, music videos;
  • Organization of preproduction, productions, postproduction;
  • Access to a recording studio and equipment;
  • Recruitment and coordination of actors and extras;
  • Location scouting and access to our wide database (from abandoned factories to castles);
  • On-site service;
  • Prop and costumes rental, as well as creation on demand;
  • Screenplay writing;
  • Services of our make-up and scenography experts.


You have an idea and resources to create a film, but you don’t have specific elements that contribute to a successful production? The below offer shows various services that 5 Żywiołów can offer you:

  • Costume rental and crafting
    Thanks to a rich and varied contents of our wardrobe and the creativity of our costume designers we are able to fit and prepare costumes for quite a large number of actors and extras. We are ready for productions that are set in almost any historical period, as well as many fantastical universes. Moreover, thanks to a wide network of contacts among costume manufacturers and vendors we are able to create new costumes dedicated to a specific order in competitive time and price.
  • Prop rental
    Our storage rooms are full of props and decoration elements. Swords, rifles, bows, halberds? No problem. Fans, canes, monocles, jewellery? Sure! Old briefcases and chests, calligraphy sets, lacquer seals, decks of cards – we can go on and on. We even have the machine that goes ‘ping’! And if you can’t find something in our storage space – we will procure it or create it just for you!
  • Creation of scenography
    You need a full scenography? We can find a location and stage any kind of set, indoors and outdoors. Whether you need a Viking village, the trenches of the Great War or simply a café table adorned with some flowers – our scenographers are able to arrange anything you might need.
  • Make-up
    A stage make-up or a terrible cut made by an axe; a witcher’s cat-like eyes or a zombie’s rotten face – none of those things is a challenge to our make-up specialists. Do you need the best people to conjure up some realistic scars and fake blood? Let us know!
  • Special effects and stunt services
    Nothing makes a better impression than a spectacular (and controlled) explosion! Our pyrotechnics and special effects specialists can create something remarkable even with a limited budget. Moreover, we offer stuntmen services whose skills allow for recording great scenes.
  • A base of actors, animators, extras and specalists
    Throughout our many years of working in the event industry and with varied stage and outdoor projects, we were able to gather an impressive group of people helping us with those initiatives. We can recruit and coordinate a group of extras for you; we can recommend animators that specialize in working with a specific kind of audience; we can also find all kinds of specialists – from swordplay instructors and archery teachers to sound-industry workers and light operators. Just tell us whom you need!



  • we present an approach that is far from standard
  • we realize unique ideas
  • our team specializes in impossible tasks
  • we adapt to our customers’ needs
  • we are able to carry out any commission
  • we have a broad base of attractive
  • we are flexible and ready for any unexpected changes
  • we provide access to a vast collection of props and scenography elements



Our company also organizes original projects which require a precise, multi-level organization. Our flagship brands were, amongst others, Witcher School (a larp in the Witcher universe, organized in 2015-2022 with CD Projekt Red’s consent) or Battle Quest (currently inactive battle larp set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe; its last edition gathered over 800 participants). These projects are distinguished by a high production value and attractiveness.

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